What is included in your lawncare service?
  • Included in our lawn care service is Mowing of all turf areas, string trimming, power blowing of all drives and walks, edging of all drives and sidewalks.
  • Do you deliver mulch, rock, or other landscape materials?

    Yes we do! The price starts at $29.95 for delivery. Depending on the product and distance, prices will vary.

  • How do i know if I need to aerate my lawn?

    Many lawns need aerating when: there is standing water in the yard, Weak roots (discolored grass), Thin grass, etc.

  • How many steps is your fertilizer program and do I need all that?

    5 steps total. It is recommended that you participate in all steps. Missing a step can compromise your lawn and no guarantees can be made.

  • Do you snowplow?

    Brothers Lawn Care is in the process of acquiring snow removal customers. If you are interested in our services please contact us!

  • Am I still billed everyweek even if my yard does not need mowing?

    No, we only bill for work performed. We make every effort to communicate with our customers. We do NOT mow just to mow.

  • How long does the mowing season last?

    The mowing season varies from year to year. We typically plan March-November as our season. This all depends on weather.

  • What are my methods of payment?

    At this time we only accept checks or cash. To keep costs down we do not accept credit cards, this allows us to keep our prices low.

  • I would like to get my yard landscaped what do I need to do?

    We will come out, quote your property, create images to your spec of how the property will look. Once approved, we require 50% of the cost upfront. Upon completion, the final 50% is due.

  • Are you hiring?

    We are always looking for qualified individuals to assist us throughout the year. If you like working long hours in the heat give us a call!

  • Still didn't answer your question? Contact us and well help!